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Flores y tranquilidad
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S. Ferrer  Therapist         


I became a therapist because after observing human behaviour relating to lifestyle.

From my observations, I realised people are unhappy. 

Most of them live stressed, with fears, without motivation, and with a lot of uncertainty,

and they are not conscious of the blessings they could have by having time and peace at their fingertips. Why don't they find the peace and harmony they need for their soul?

Why? They are looking in the wrong place. 

I am neither a Guru nor a fortune teller, nor do I know your future, but I can help guide you through valuable ways to attain, find and maintain the peace you seek. 

We are all vulnerable at some point in life.

We are aware that life is short and that we should not waste time worrying about an uncertain future, about a society that sells to us at any price, that makes us feel useless if we are not working hard and with a goal that we have to achieve. Do you think it should be like that?


Let's talk to you about it! You will love following my therapy, which will help you if you apply it correctly and constantly. I will be honest with you. It's personal work to improve yourself.

That takes a lifetime to understand. Some psychoanalysts sell you quick fixes.

But you know there is no such thing. 

Come back to yourself as a being of this planet, and focus on reminding yourself of your inner essence. Because you forgot it at some point in your life. Get rid of all your fears, uncertainty, longings, dreams, goals, and spiritual side, understand this path called life from another perspective and live it. I will accompany you in this process in which you will become more aware, and through my help and you're self-aware. You will be a new being, full of joy and peace. 

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